St-Christophe Hotel & Spa - Granby, QC, J2H 2R4, Canada

To Enjoy a Nice Feast

  • Bistro Le Picollo

À la carte

Soup of the day $ 4


Caesar Picollo
Crisp romaine with homemade creamy sauce with bacon and Parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and herbs, (includes grilled version meal or add $ 3 for a half chicken)

The goat cheese crouton melting
Crouton and melted goats cheese honey roasted almonds on a bed of greens, fruits and seasonal vegetables drizzled with our house balsamic

Spinach Shrimp and Citrus
Spinach grows, red onions, almonds and shrimp sauté with roasted garlic, ginger and house balsamic

The Picollo
Salad of the day with fruits and vegetables of the season on a bed of mixed greens with toasted pecans

Half: 8.95$ Complete $ 14.95

The Quebec cheese plate $ 12.95

The house charcuterie plate $ 10.95

Pate, chouriço, black forest ham, olives, onion and cconfiture cherry tomatoes and toasted baguette

Try our Pasta

Stuffed pasta of the day 16.95$

Shrimp and Scallops 16.95$ Shrimp and scallops sautéed with garlic in a creamy sauce or tomato-based sauce

Mamasita in chouriço 14.95$ Smoked Sausage Portuguese in a creamy sauce with garlic, white wine, shallots and mushrooms

Florence 14.95$ Spinach, bacon, cherry tomatoes in a creamy parmesa, garlic and wine

Poultry and two pestos 15.95$ Chicken in a creamy basil pesto and sundried tomatoes


Discover our Fish and Seafood

Seafood Casserole $ 29.95 Shrimp, scallops, mussels and tail langoutines in a tomato sauce slightly raised and Portuguese or in a creamy garlic sauce and white wine

Fried shrimp in a sauce of your choice $19.95 Spicy Marinade, flambéed in Pernod, in Mozambique or file

Mussels and fries $14.95 A marinara mold book or the Portuguese or milling (Dijon, garlic and white wine) served with fries

Marinated octopus and the Portuguese grilée $16.95 Served with salad and rice

Fish of the day $16.95 Served with grilled vegetables and rice

Fish Trio Portuguese $16.95 marinated and grilled fish served with grilled Portuguese rice and vegetables

Enjoy our on the grill

Deluxe Hamburgers Bistro 12.95$ angus beef or grilled chicken and cheddar aged with fries or salad

Filet mignon sandwich 12.95$ Minced beef Angus Pride AAA served with fries or salad

Chicken Panini grilled vegetables 12.95$ Grilled chicken breast in a creamy pesto panini bread served with fries or salad

Portuguese Chicken marinated and grilled 17.95$

Steak frites 21.95$ Black Angus beef steak grilled and served with seasoned fries

Filet mignon 31.95$ Beef filet grilled Angus AAA with vegetables and potatoes

Rack of lamb 32.95$ Grilled and roasted in herb crust Provence with grilled vegetables and potatoes

Mixed grill platter  17$

Add flavor to your grilling 2.95$ cognac sauce and peppers cing, porto wine sauce or blackcurrant sauce

Indulge Yourself with ...

Caramel flan $ 6

Belgian chocolate fudge cake $ 6

Homemade Cheesecake and caramel rum $ 6

Profiteroles fondant Belgian chocolate and toasted pecans $ 6

Vanilla ice cream with Belgian chocolate sauce and piroulines $ 4

Taxes not inculded

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